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I want the impossibility of escape.

It is one of my simplest, most frequent fantasies, to be bound and gagged and utterly helpless. There is no story behind the fantasy, no context for how I ended up in this predicament. I am simply here, spread eagled, squirming against the ropes as they dig into my skin. I whimper and twitch, struggling for an escape I don’t really want. I have drool dripping down my chin and tears of desperation in my eyes, but the greatest flood of all is the one between my legs.

I am wettest there because this is how I’ve always wanted to be fucked. Open and vulnerable, ensnared like a fly in a spider’s web, I’ve wanted to be made to thrash and scream. But more than anything, it’s the feeling of a long, hard cock that I’ve wanted in this position. I’ve wanted to be penetrated in immobility, slowly at first, unable to react in any way other than whimpering and wiggling my toes. I’ve wanted the undeniable knowledge that there is nothing I can do about the relentless fucking once it begins, nothing I can say to make it stop. I am here to scream, here to beg without words, here to be used like like the pretty little fucktoy that I am.

The rope marks are proof that I have been put to good use.

… No further comment needed.

The long anticipated release of the final Sookie Stackhouse/SVM book is not worth your time.

Hi all! I haven’t been here for a while due to many things, including family problems, illness, and finally a new job. Sorry about that. All I ever do is reblog pictures anyway. But today I have something to say.

You know me as a fan of the True Blood TV series, but you probably didn’t see the deeper fan of the books on which the TV series is based. Today, the final story in that book series was officially released. To say that it’s a disappointment is an understatement. I am not much of an eloquent book reviewer, so I’ll point you to this review, which sums up a great deal of what I think.

I posted a comment to that review at the end of it, and I’m reposting my comment here. This author doesn’t deserve any more or our adulation, emotion, or money. This is only my opinion.

(Quote from the above linked blog post)

“In a world full of terror and horror, I read to escape from my world into another and if I cannot trust the author to take me away, then he/she does not need my money. It is for this reason that I will never read another book from this author ever again. Tell me, my fellow book readers, would you?”


This is a farce. I have never seen an author, especially one with a following like this one, collectively give a group of her loyal fans the finger in such an obvious way. She has voiced problems in the past with having to continue to write this series, but she continued. In that continuation, she changed established facts and went backward in terms of character growth and continuation for many characters and previous storylines. What that says to me is that this is a vindictive, selfish person who does not care how she affects hundreds of thousands of people in the world. No author is required to give their readers exactly what they want. Creative license with your own work is everything. But you would think with such an established following as this series had, she might have thought of us, just a tiny bit. But no, she thought of her own weariness of this series and its characters, and her own apparent wish to make a negative statement about it. This was nothing more than a cop-out and a great big F-U for us.

Thank you, Ms. Harris. I hope you can feel the sarcasm dripping from that sentence.

I will not read or buy anything from this author ever again. She has no integrity. She has no care for her characters, or her fans, only her pocketbook. I urge you to do the same, beginning with this book. The anticiption of the end of this series makes it almost guaranteed to become a best-seller. Let’s reduce that as much as we can.

If you’re waiting for a preorder, cancel it.

If you’re planning to buy it, don’t.

Please. Let’s send her a message. The only message we can send a person like this is through our money, which she doesn’t deserve. Boycott this book. Remove this author from your future purchasing considerations.

I’m a nobody. Just a single person. I can’t do anything alone, but as a group, we can. Thanks for reading.

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